Digital Tools

Digital Tools To Help You Celebrate Love My City

Social media is a great way to spread the word about the campaigns, initiatives and events happening in your community.


Start a Social Media Campaign

Ask your residents to join the campaign by taking pictures and selfies in their favorite spots around town! Tell them to use the hashtag #LoveMyCity and then share the photos from your community’s official accounts.

Kick it off by having elected officials and city staff take selfies to give residents inspiration. Or scroll down to see social media cards you can use on your channels.


Write a Love Letter To Your Community

Stories can have a profound effect on our experiences and memories. By writing a love letter to your community, you can spread the love easily.

Not sure what to write? Share an anecdote, memory or vision that describes why you love the place you live. You can post it far and wide: you municipality’s website, for instance, or as an editorial in your local newspaper. Encourage others to follow suit, because we all have our own stories to tell.


Start a Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to share content that you’ve already created. Send out a weekly round-up of #LoveMyCity social media posts or the love letter you wrote. You can also use it to advertise upcoming #LoveMyCity events, like volunteer opportunities, open mic nights or picnics in the park.

Already have a newsletter? Simply add one or two piece of Love My City content to it each week.


NLC Video Opportunity

Through NLC Savings and Solutions Partner CGI Communications, NLC members can tell their story through the power of video and digital media no cost! Here’s how to sign up for more information.

Navigate to the “What’s New” page and fill out the Tell Us Your #LoveMyCity form! We’ll then connect you with NLC partner CGI Communications.