Events and Local Gatherings

Is there a better way to celebrate the love in your community than by bringing people together? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve outlined three ways to kickstart the campaign in your city, town or village.


Host a Love My City Festival

Whether you call it a fair, festival or a summer picnic, a town get-together always makes people feel connected. Many of you are already planning community events, making it easy time to include Love My City messaging.

Fill the event with activities for all ages and income levels so everyone is included. Can't afford to host an event by itself? That's an easy fix: partner with a neighboring municipality to co-host an event.


Create a Volunteer Network

Local leaders already know this well-kept secret: service is the best way to show love for your community.

We recommend gathering volunteers for projects that help people feel invested in the place they live. Whether you mow the grass in front of an abandoned plot, visit senior citizens to give them company or pick up trash in a littered area, the possibilities are endless!

And there are probably already volunteer networks doing good in your city. 


Loving Your City—On a Budget

We know that municipal funds are not unlimited. And with so many ongoing projects, it can be tough to find the budget to put together a festival, or even rebrand it, on short notice. That's why you should look to your community.

Are there community events you could support with some advertising budget? Is there an open mic night where an elected official could share their Love My City story? Are there Parent-Teacher Association meetings you could attend for a listening session?

The Love My City campaign has never been about which city can spend the most money. It’s about listening to the people in your community and making them feel heard by the people they elected to lead.