Policy Ideas

Making Sure Everyone in Our Communities Feels The Love

Love letters, social media campaigns and events—these are all important activities to help your community feel connected. But loving your city also means creating a lasting legacy of good governing. That's why we recommend policies to support residents who have been historically excluded from municipal activities.
Here’s how to get started.


Creating Equitable Opportunity

Show love for your community by making sure that everyone, regardless of race, gender, age or status has equitable access to opportunity.

Historically, many of our institutions have excluded people based on these factors—so it’s up to us to undo these systems. That's why NLC created two key resources to help you get started. Our action guide Advancing Racial Equity in Your City lays out six steps to improving outcomes for all residents. And our Repository of Racial Equity Policies will show you how other cities are taking action in this space.


Housing For All

Today, America is experiencing a nationwide shortage of affordable housing—which means that people are being priced out of a secure future.

That’s why we created the National League of Cities Task Force on Housing. Together with local leaders across the country, we’ve developed a set of recommendations for cities of all sizes to solve this urgent issue. We're calling the report Homeward Bound: The Road to Affordable Housing.


Create Authentic Youth Engagement

The best way to ensure your city is meeting the needs of your young people is to actively engage them.

There a lot of different ways to do this: you could host a youth summit, for example, or start a youth council. But the essential part of the equation is to make sure your youth have a say in the policies that directly affect them.

These NLC resources outline strategies, engagement options and examples of how other cities are engaging their youth.